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Blue-Pencil Collective

We are Creatives. Fueled by passion, driven by intention.
We believe change is essential for growth. Question everything, fear nothing.
We thrive on relationships.  Inspired by diversity, motivated by knowledge.
Above all, we believe in collaboration over competition. What affects one, affects all.

What makes us unique?


Integrated Process

Our holistic approach to the design

process emphasizes the unity of all

and considers the relationship between

them from day one, rather than

utilizing each expertise separately.



We provide the convenience of having

multiple needs met in one location,

instead of having to “shop around” to

attain the related architectural and

design services from different sources.


design with intention

We believe design to be a plan of

action within constraints. It’s the

strategic combination of different

ideas and disciplines that leads us

towards a purpose; to solve a problem.

Building Relationships

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To welcome you onboard, we will:

  • Discuss your unique project vision
  • Help clarify your goals
  • Set a realistic budget
  • Identify any potential challenges

Discover more in your free bpc infobook

Infobook includes:

  • In-depth look at our integrated process

  • Key questions to ask before starting the process

  • Estimated construction costs

  • More about Team BPC

  • A featured project

  • And more!