5 Tips on How To Source Eco-Friendly Furniture

Kitchen with an eco-friendly furniture choices including a table made from recycled wood.

Being environmentally conscious is one of our biggest values here at BPC. We channel it through everything we do, from our sustainable architectural planning, right down to final design details like eco-friendly furniture procurement. 

This sometimes surprises people. That’s because most discussion about sustainable design relates to building a space, but not furnishing it. 

In this post, we’ll share our process for keeping the last stages of your building project green, with thoughtful selection of furniture and decor.

Here are 5 ways to keep the environment in mind when adding the finishing touches to your space.

1. Keep it Local

Why buy local? Because shipping from far away harms the environment: it requires more fuel to power the delivery trucks, which in turn add more pollution into the air. 

The eco-friendly furniture choice is to look for pieces in your own backyard. This is why we always try to support local artisans and makers whenever we can.

Now, you’re probably thinking – “But I can’t afford custom pieces made by local artisans!” 

Well, local doesn’t have to mean custom. It doesn’t have to break the bank, either. There are plenty of good deals available if you shop around and connect with the right businesses. 

We’ll gladly point you in the right direction. Here are a few of our favorite local, custom, and ready-made furniture vendors:

Room & Board

Room & Board is headquartered right here in MN, and many of their pieces are made in MN and WI. More than 90% of their products are American-made, many by family-owned companies. 

This allows them to provide the best craftsmanship and fastest delivery with the least environmental impact. It also means you get eco-friendly furniture with a story you’ll be proud to share. We recommend visiting their Minneapolis outlet store to find deeply discounted returns and floor model pieces.

Loll Designs

Based in Duluth, MN, Loll Designs is a designer/manufacturer of durable, all-weather, eco-friendly furniture and accessories made with recycled plastic – mostly from single-use milk jugs.

Using thoughtful, original designs and unique materials, Loll creates innovative, fun and high quality products proudly crafted in the USA.

Eastvold Furniture

Eastvold Furniture got its start in a little 800 square foot shop in Northfield, Minnesota. Owners Matt and Amanda Eastvold set out to build finely crafted furniture based on timeless designs. 

Ten years later, they have a selection of hand-built pieces that are both stunning and functional. And if you do want custom designs, they happily take commissions. 

White stairwell with an antique eco-friendly wooden rocking chair.

2. Buy Vintage

Think of buying vintage as recycling furniture. Because most antique pieces were made to last, you can easily get another life out of them. 

One of our favorite things about vintage is its ability to effortlessly add character and charm to your space. When paired well with newer pieces, you can get a rich style that’s unique to your home. 

You can find antique and vintage eco-friendly furniture options at a variety of places – from flea markets and thrift stores, to estate sales and specialized dealers. Downtown Stillwater is a popular hub for antique stores, and Robbinsdale’s Golden Age Design is always a great source for mid-century vintage pieces. 

Vintage eco-friendly wooden furniture in and office.

3. Buy Quality

Buying cheap isn’t as good for your wallet as it seems, and it isn’t good for the environment either. When you buy a budget furniture piece, you’ll likely need to replace it in just a few years. 

This means that you are not only spending more money in the end, you’re also creating more waste, and using more resources by consuming more products. If you’re going to buy new, keep it green and buy quality.

Heirloom quality pieces are built to last for generations, so you won’t need to be sending them to the landfill anytime soon. Whether the piece is new or 100+ years old, if it’s made well and sports a timeless design, it can be appreciated for years to come.

Which brings us to our next point…

Two timeless chairs made out of wood and green fabric used as an eco-friendly furniture choice.

4. Stay Away from Trends!

Hopping on the latest trend is a surefire way to end up with furniture that looks dated within just a few years. That’s because trendy pieces aren’t designed with longevity in mind, it’s more about capturing the spirit of the present moment. 

You can prevent the need to cycle through your furniture by sticking to classic pieces.

Choosing timeless designs will give you furnishings that can transition well throughout the years to come, smoothly adapting to changes in style.

Second hand wooden chest that was chosen as an eco-friendly furniture piece.

5. Don’t Clutter Landfills: Donate Your Old Pieces

Unless you’re moving out on your own for the first time, getting new furniture often means that you are replacing older or dysfunctional pieces. 

This is where even the most eco-friendly furniture sourcing can still lead to a lot of harmful waste. So before you bring in that reclaimed wood bookcase, make sure that your retired shelving is disposed of responsibly.

There are so many eco-friendly furniture alternatives to junking your old furniture. If your pieces are in decent shape, consider donating to:]

  • The Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • Habitat for Humanity Re-store
  • Local consignment stores
  • Your local schools, community centers, and churches
  • Family and friends 
Woman looking for eco-friendly furniture at a second hand store.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Choices Lead to Better Interiors

By following the tips above, you win twice over: you can keep a clear conscience knowing you’re helping the environment, and also enjoy the beauty of a space with unique and thoughtful eco-friendly furniture options. 

Want help curating the perfect look for your interior? Our design team is ready to lend a hand. From design concept to building and furnishing your home, we’ve got you covered. 

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