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"Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being like everyone else."


our story

Passion is what got us here.

After decades of working for two of the world’s most distinguished architecture and design firms, we came to the realization that our ambitious spirits craved more more opportunity, more fulfillment, more challenge. In 2016, we took our big ideas and extensive experience to historic Stillwater, Minnesota where we turned our vision for BLUE-PENCIL COLLECTIVE into a reality. 

Opening yet another architecture and design firm wasn’t the objective; if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right and do it differently. BLUE-PENCIL COLLECTIVE was founded on the vision of creating a purpose driven, relationship based company that focuses on community involvement and sustainability. Building a team that shared our core values and forming partnerships that enhanced our vision, allowed us to create projects with intention, through a collective of people and beliefs.

At BLUE-PENCIL COLLECTIVE, we find fulfillment in an architecture and design process that honors integrity and connection. Our name is an ever present reminder that change reflects growth, just as blue pencils are an instrument for editing and improvement. Collectively, we are continually transforming ourselves and our business with the world around us. We hold a strong belief that passion fuels everything we do. Let’s see where our passion takes you.

Kasey Johnson, Co Founder
Regan Nix, Co Founder

our difference

Reversing humanity's footprint

Aware of the steadily diminishing state of our earth, we envision a world that not only sustains itself, but one which works towards reversing the negative effects of humanity. At BLUE-PENCIL COLLECTIVE, we’re always keeping a conscious mind about how the decisions we make in our professional and personal lives affect the present and future state of our earth.

In 2019, BLUE-PENCIL COLLECTIVE established partnerships with two organizations sharing a similar sustainability vision– Minnesota Land Trust and Dem-Con Companies. These partnerships not only allowed us to work towards achieving our sustainability goals, but also act as an effective communication tool for us to educate and inspire others. 


Kasey Johnson


Enneagram Type 6, The Loyalist

The Committed, Security Oriented Type, Engaging, Responsible

A little about KASEY

Kasey has a soul shaped by art and beauty. It’s what makes her a perfect partner here at the BLUE‐PENCIL COLLECTIVE, where her passion for creative, story‐based design is a natural fit. She values the idea of designs that don’t fit into one particular category, instead emphasizing personal elements that are rich with character and have their own significance within a space’s narrative.

Having worked for some of the nation’s most well‐recognized firms—including BDH+Young, Perkins+Will and Gensler‐‐ she aims to apply her extensive knowledge to carve out a new chapter for herself and the firm alike. Her ultimate goal is to restore value to the art of design, a celebration of beauty and functionality in balance.


Regan Nix


Enneagram Type 7, The Enthusiast

The Busy, Fun-Loving Type, Spontaneous, Versatile

A little about REGAN

For two decades, Regan has been infusing spaces with her intrepid spirit and natural sophistication. Regan holds a special love for old world architecture and aesthetics that reflect a unique character. Her designs exude enlivened, worldly elegance: simple and classic, but always with a surprising twist. Every design she creates has its own story to tell.

Having lived in 13 US states and working for multiple award‐ winning firms, Regan ventured out to face a new challenge: starting a design firm of her own. She founded the Blue Pencil Collective to serve a higher purpose, to provide clients with an all‐inclusive, personalized experience that encapsulates real estate, architecture, construction, and interior design. This unique, all‐in‐one business model is what now enables Regan to create homes that perfectly embody their owner’s visions.

Kierstyn SQUARE

Kierstyn Campbell

Project Designer

Enneagram Type 1, The Reformer

The Rational, Idealistic Type, Principled, Purposeful

A little about KIERSTYN

After earning her Interior Design degree from the University of Wisconsin – Stout, Kierstyn sought an employment opportunity that gave her diverse experiences. She found the perfect fit joining team BPC to collaborate on both residential and commercial projects.

Being a young designer makes Kierstyn a great source of energy and optimism for our firm. Her passion for design and learning is a quality that inspires everyone around her. Kierstyn loves the personal nature of design, working closely with clients to build places that are as unique as their own needs. This allows her to indulge in her philosophy of thoughtfully‐crafted design.

To Kierstyn, happiness is summer days on the lake, ice cream, and gridded notebook paper.


Megan Koren

Operations Manager

Enneagram Type 9, The Peacemaker

The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type, Receptive, Reassuring

A little about meGAN

Megan grew up watching the design process with a family full of interior designers becoming captivated by it. The personal nature of the industry also resonated strongly with her passion for human connection. She developed her skills for cooperation, multi‐tasking and relationship‐building through 16 years in customer service.

Finding it impossible to be in a space without imagining the design possibilities, Megan earned her Interior Design Degree from Century College along with a minor in communications. Blending her experience with the design and communication degree gives her the foundation to lead our team seamlessly as Business Operations Manager.

As a mother of four with two crazy yellow labs‐ Megan is used to constant excitement and laughs in the face of chaos!


Cynthia Marie

Senior Project Architect

Enneagram Type 7, The Enthusiast

The Busy, Fun-Loving Type, Spontaneous, Versatile

A little about CYNTHIA

Cynthia is a natural ideologist, with a compassionate worldly perspective in art & design. As our Senior Project Architect with over 28 years as a licensed professional, she can grasp any challenge with exceptional strategic thinking and execution. With her diverse project portfolio including large commercial, master planning and historic preservation, dedication towards efficient process is the seed for successful realization. Cynthia will assemble the right people for any task‐ connection and meaning is sacred.

Her commitment to meaningful stewardship for responsible planning, management of resources and human welfare, Resilient Design and Humanitarianism, is of primary focus today. As a lifelong learner, Cynthia is an instigator for innovation and a lover of all things beautiful. In the balance of life you will find her on the water, in the woods or on the mountain peaks, most times in extreme conditions.


Bri Flowers

Project Design Intern

Enneagram Type 6, The Loyalist

The Committed, Security Oriented Type, Engaging, Responsible

A little about Bri

Bri is currently an Interior Design Student attending the University of Wisconsin – Stout. As our Project Design Intern here at BLUE-PENCIL COLLECTIVE, she helps to inspire new idea’s in projects and collaborate with the team. Interior Design was introduced to Bri at a young age. Her parents would flip houses, resulting in her love for design and how it can affect individuals and societies.

Her goal is to integrate sustainability into each of her designs, as she shares a love for plants and the environment. When not in the office, Bri enjoys traveling, spending time with loved ones and spoiling her dog, Macchiato.


Katie Mallory

Project Designer

Enneagram Type 9, The Peacemaker

The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type, Receptive, Reassuring

A little about Katie

Katie is passionate about interior design and improving people’s lives through their surroundings. Katie graduated with a degree in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota and has practiced at Design Firms in both Minnesota and Seattle, Washington. She strives to create environments that reflect people’s lifestyles, needs, and passions through both architecture and styling. When designing, she believes it’s important to always consider how we can best minimize our impact on the environment. She believes in designing with intent and a significant attention to detail. She believes that thoughtful, beautiful designs can add to our happiness in life; and when we’re happy we can achieve great things.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys trying new restaurants, attending shows of local bands, and finding any excuse to take in the beauty of nature with her husband and two young daughters.



Office Mascot

super powers

Empathy Adaptability Positivity Connectedness Woo

A little about Bama

Bama was born in Florida. He spent his first year in three
different animal shelters, his last being in Salt Lake City, Utah.
One day, a nice young couple came into the shelter looking for a new addition to their family. It was love at first sight for both of

Fast forward eight years later, Bama spends his days snoozing,
hiking, and loving anything that comes within an inch of him. As
our Office Mascot, Bama puts a smile on every face that walks
through the door.

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