An Amazing Milestone: 2020 Small Business of the Year

Just a little over a week ago, Blue-Pencil Collective was awarded 2020 Small Business of the Year by the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce! We are still riding the high from achieving this amazing milestone.  Looking back on everything it has taken to receive such an honor, all we can do is smile, consider what we have achieved and reflect on how our business came to be by focusing on the core principles that matter to us most. Hard work, purpose and dedication have been the root forces at the center of BPC. Why? Because our small business is like a family and our goal, has and always will be, to make business personal.

This award is a true testament to all of the amazing people that have become part of the Collective; partners, clients, community.  Their support and confidence is what our success is really about. From troubleshooting project challenges and laughing in the face of our fears, to celebrating project wins and creating relationships, we’re grateful for all of the experiences we have had in our three years. Cheers to our past, present and future as our family grows and the journey continues. 

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