How Hospitality Design Can Elevate Small Communities

St Croix River

When considering how to empower close-knit communities, few may think of hospitality design as an effective solution. And yet, it’s one of the most powerful tools available. But why?

First, we should clarify what the hospitality industry is, and where design fits into the mix. Hospitality businesses and services encompass everything linked to leisure. From dining to vacation lodging, the hospitality industry is focused entirely on delivering great experiences to visitors who have come to have a good time. 

Ideas of luxury, pleasure, entertainment, and comfort are all prioritized in hospitality businesses. This is where design plays a critical role. With a thoughtful, well-planned design that is attuned to customer preferences, hospitality companies can enjoy great success. 

So what does this have to do with uplifting tiny locales?

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Many Small Towns Depend on the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

There’s something about small town charm that everyone wants to experience. For this reason, it’s common for tourism to be one of the biggest sources of business for humble townships. 

Stillwater, MN, for example, has always been known as a quaint little river village. It’s famous for its unique history as one of the state’s oldest towns, and is even considered the birthplace of Minnesota.

This rich heritage draws tens of thousands of locals and tourists to Stillwater every year, where they eagerly seek dining, lodging, and other hospitality services that will enhance their visit. 

The last few years have consequently brought about a boom in the tourism and hospitality industry. Numerous new hotels, short term rentals, restaurants, and attractions have opened up in this short span of time, creating an economic swell for the Stillwater community. 

The local businesses that offer a superb experience to their patrons through top notch design of their buildings and interiors are poised to become some of the town’s most lucrative ventures. And importantly, delivering a high quality experience ensures that people will return for years to come.

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Hospitality Design can Create a Unique Culture for Your Community

If you’re from a small town, you know that the locals take pride in their home. They want to show visitors what it is that makes the area special. 

Good hospitality design can help businesses accomplish just that. Not only can it create a unique sense of place for your business itself, but it can also tell the story of your town. With thoughtful design, brands can embody the values of their locale, exuding authenticity, heritage, and a one-of-a-kind essence to all who visit. 

Furthermore, design can actually cultivate a town’s character. When multiple businesses in the area design their places with this in mind, a once-sleepy village can transform into a destination teeming with culture and vibrance. This will serve to attract even more travelers. 

On that note, it’s important to remember that excellent hospitality design doesn’t just cater to tourists – it also serves the community. Having a locally-relevant design that resonates with your neighbors is one of the most effective ways to become an insider hot-spot. It makes it so that you’ll have plenty of patronage even during the slow season. 

BPC Specializes in Exclusive Hospitality Design

As a small-town business ourselves, we place great importance on the idea of using our design work to empower our community. 

Our team prides itself on providing exclusive hospitality design services. This means that our goal is to create unique spaces and environments that respect the local culture and history, with a top priority of addressing the community’s needs.

Whether you’re in Stillwater or another of the region’s beautiful small communities, we’re here to help you achieve a design that is as profitable for your business as it is enriching for your town. When you team up with BPC, you’ll get a venue you can be proud of, that truly builds a sense of connection and community. 

Keep up to date with BPC’s latest exclusive hospitality projects on our social media and blog. Want to learn more about how we can help your hospitality project elevate your community? Let’s get to know each other, you first!

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