Why Is 3D Rendering Crucial To The Design Process? (3 Reasons)

To start, what is 3d rendering?

3D rendering is a two dimensional representation of an object or environment that depicts what it would appear as in real life. Properties such as color, texture and material type are applied throughout the 3D rendering process to produce a realistic image.

Yes, 3d renderings look pretty (pretty awesome!), but there’s so much more to it. Here’s three reasons why 3D renderings are crucial to the design process: 

3d rendering of a new residential build in Minnesota

1. 3D renderings are an effective communication tool 

As a group full of designers and visionaries, it’s easy for us to visualize architectural features and finishes in any space we walk in to– it’s a habit we will never escape. For others, this does not come so easily.

3D renderings are an effective tool to communicate design decisions to those who may have a hard time visualizing. 

3d rending of a residential bathroom with a glass shower.

2. You’ll have a good idea of what the space will look like before it’s even built

3D renderings are typically produced in the design development phase of the design process. During this phase, architecture, floor plans, finishes and furniture are selected based on a distinct vision determined during the previous phase, schematic design.

All elements are portrayed through 3D renderings giving a realistic visual of what the space will look like before construction begins. 

3d rendering of a dining area and kitchen in a residential property

3. Marketing your project with 3d renderings

Whether you’re designing for residential or commercial, 3D renderings have the ability to create marketing opportunities for all involved. For the design team, it’s a great way to showcase their capabilities and raise brand awareness.

More prominently in commercial design, owners have the ability to use 3D renderings as a way to promote and intrigue investors in the value of their business.

For examples of 3D renderings, check out our service page here: bluepencilcollective.com/3d-rendering-services

Exterior 3d rendering of a brick building in Stillwater, MN

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